NSTS is a next generation solutions-oriented technical services company established to support the nuclear industry.

It is within our DNA to deliver outstanding results in demanding and challenging circumstances. These are the essential attributes of a successful consulting business and are the reason NSTS has been very successful since its inception.

Our approach to a project is different. We take an innovative, diligent and solution-oriented approach to every task no matter how big or small. Our innovation is based on maximizing value to our clients, whether through new technology and ideas or through efficiencies from simply improving on tried and tested methods. Diligence underpins all the work that we do and is the driving force behind the quality, attention to detail, and persistence of our offering. A solution-oriented approach means identifying and bringing solutions to the table to solve problems as they arise. This very important characteristic requires more than just skill and experience. It requires a determined ‘can-do’ attitude that is vital for success.

Our clients contracted with us because they recognized the value these qualities would provide their projects. Our clients continue to contract with us because they have, and continue to, benefit from these qualities.

All of these principles are vital to our mission of delivering no-compromise exceptional service and quality for our clients through an innovative, diligent and solution-oriented approach.